Story Time

Designed for Child Care Centres, Kindergartens & Prep Classes

To bring to life some important life skills, in a fun and quirky way, while bringing home an important message. All stories are written by Cleo herself and are brought to life with her crazy puppets and props.

Story times cover topics such as dental care, road safety, remembering your manners, nit prevention, helping mum and dad with jobs around the house and an extensive list of themed music and movement story times.

These story times are also to help inspire educators & also to have a 10 minute break! We understand that child care is hard work and a break is always welcome!

Cleo’s extensive experience of 20 years in the early childhood industry, both here in Australia and over seas, helped Cleo to create these story times. There is a definite need for incursions such as this at a very affordable price.

If these interest you and your service, please feel free to contact me at any time for more information.

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