About Cleo

How I Started

I grew up in a small town on the mid north coast of NSW and had a very organic, hippy style childhood. I am so grateful for this as I feel like this was the beginnings of building me as a children’s entertainer.

After finishing my schooling, I moved on, travelling Australia and then the world, studying child caresomewhere in there.

After moving back to Australia from the UK, I went back to child care,

but realised very quickly, that my heart wasn’t in it. I needed something different.

My amazing boss, and now very good friend, in England treated me like the crown jewels and ruined it for me for future employers! While I was overseas, working for this family as a nanny, I had the privilege of hosting their little boys birthday party as a clown.

It had me at hello!

And upon leaving this family, my boss handed me a face painting book. THAT was the beginning of my journey.

So Cleo the Clown was born, and after 10 years of moving and changing my ideas and business, it has continued and has blessed me with so many amazing experiences all over QLD and NSW. I have also met so many wonderful people along the way, who have always been so encouraging and supportive.

And I love this business and job since the day I started. I can’t imagine not being Cleo the Clown. It is my heart and soul. It is my being and my lifestyle.

Love Cleo x

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